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How to care for your muslins.

Sofflin swaddles can be machine washed. We recommend the use of a mesh bag to protect them from snagging. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low. If needed, use low-heat setting on the iron.

Why is Sofflin perfect for your baby?

Sofflin’s premium bamboo airflow muslin swaddles are absolutely the softest swaddles designed for baby’s delicate skin. Crafted from a unique blend of 70% bamboo, and 30% cotton, Sofflin’s feel is silky, airy, smooth and light.

The open weave bamboo fabric helps draws moisture away from the body and promotes air regulation, which prevents overheating and discomfort for babies.  Our muslin is pre-washed so it is soft from the start and it gets even softer after every wash! A great way for your baby to sleep better, longer, and more comfortably – perfect for everyday use.

How do Sofflin swaddles differ from 100% cotton/bamboo muslins?

Our super soft swaddles combined the best of both worlds with an ideal mix of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton.  Bamboo fiber improves the softness while 30% cotton adds strength leaving swaddle lint free and in original shape after multiply washes. The light, open-weave fabric allows baby's body temperature to regulate naturally, reducing the risk of overheating.

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